A consultation provides the chance to think together about a difficulty, you or a family member is experiencing, in a reflective and safe space. We will consider all the puzzle pieces that have contributed to this difficulty and develop a plan of ‘next steps’ to begin shifting things. A consultation is not a magic solution but it is an effective starting point to help move things forward.

A consultation can be for parents, family members, education staff or other important figures in a child’s network.

We tend to specifically focus on understanding and managing behaviour that challenges and supporting children with social communication and attention difficulties. In some cases we are able to offer school observation if it’s felt that this would strengthen the recommendations of support.

A consultation lasts for 50 minutes

Following which I will provide a brief summary of our discussion and recommendations of support. Sometimes further consultations to review progress may be requested, or if indicated, individual therapy for families all of which can be discussed during the consultation.

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